Thursday, September 3, 2009

Course Calender

Photojournalism 3402
Fall 2009

Week 1: 9/4
Class: Introduction to the course. Handling assignments, deadlines, clips and images.
Assignment #1
-Start a photo blog.
-Photograph complete strangers.
-Newspaper clips for week 2.

Week 2: 9/11
Class: The Environmental Portrait. Writing Captions. Discuss clips. Review images from assignment.
Assignment #2
-Make portraits images.
-Update blog.
-Clips for week 3

Week 3: 9/18
Class: Features. Pictorial. Discuss clips. Review images.
Assignment #3
-Make feature images.
-Make pictorial images.
-Begin first project.
-Update blog.

Week 4: 9/25
Class: Sports. Discuss clips. Review images.
Assignment # 4
-Make sports images.

Week 5: 10/2
Class: News. Clips. Images. Report on project.
Assignment # 5
-Make news images.
-Ideas for photo essay due.

Week 6: 10/9
Class: Photo Challenge
Assignment #6
-Make list of long-term project ideas

Week 7: 10/16
Class: Long-term project discussion. Photo Essay.
Assignment #7
-Begin Photo essay

Week 8: 10/23
Class: Guest Speaker
Assignment #8 TBA
-Continue photo essay.

Week 9: 10/30
Class: Photo Essay images due. Discuss Fashion/Illustration
Assignment #9
-Edit and layout photo essay.
-Fashion / Illustration

Week 10: 11/6
Class: Project 2. Photo essay layout due. Multimedia project Gathering audio.
Assignment #10
-multimedia project.
-Ideas for group project.

Week 11: 11/13
Class: Portfolio. Discuss idea for group project. Editing audio.
Assignment #11
-Create digital portfolio.
-Finished audio
-Begin Group project

Week 12: 11/20
Class: Book
Assignment # 12
-Continue Group project.

Week 13: 11/27
Class Wednesday
Assignment #13
-Group project book work

Week 14: 12/4
Class: Final project due

Week 15: 12/ 11
No formal class. All images due on DVD.

Week 16: 12/18
End of Semester.

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