Thursday, October 15, 2009

And the winner is.........

Nathan Spunda wins top honors in the first Photo Challenge.
"This was a beautiful collection of artful images, which made the viewer desire to know more about each of the subjects. This is what good photojournalism is about," said Michael Mercanti (Philadelphia Daily News Executive Photography Editor). Below is a sample of his take from last Friday's challenge.

All images by Nathan Spunda.

Runners-up are Loren Golden and Lisa Wilk.

Mercanti on Loren's work: Very good images of interesting subjects captured along with a tangible touch of emotion.

Image by Loren Golden.

Mercanti on Lisa's work: The driver in the jeep photo is a wonderful found photo that just makes you smile. Even with just showing the subject’s leg, the viewer reacts in an emotional way and almost instinctively recreates the unseen parts of the picture.

Image by Lisa Wilk.

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