Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Platon Portraits

The New Yorker online has this terrific interactive portfolio piece by portrait photographer Platon. He photographed the world leaders outside the floor of the United Nations General Assembly in September. The portraits capture the essence of the individual, and the audio commentary by the photographer gives a insight to the process. It's well worth the look and listen.

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  1. Platon took photos of Iraq Veterans Against the War back in 2008 on Independence Day. We were photographed in the lower ballroom of the Ritz Carlton, treated to the best coffee we'd ever had served out of hammered silver French presses.

    It was an interesting get together because, like most military movements, we got to the location and "racked out". Immediately laid down on the 2" thick plush carpet which is softer than most mattresses.

    Just like in the past with our respective units, we all got together and swapped stories, played pranks on sleeping folks, and generally dealt with the "hurry up & wait" that we were all so used to. This time we weren't waiting on movement into a hostile city or on a plane to go home, instead we were having our images documented for the world to see.